Bodwell Road Bank Stabilization Project


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The City of Manchester is pursuing a hazard mitigation project to improve an embankment area along Bodwell Road. The road is a heavily trafficked two-way urban roadway with the area of concern in the section around 240 Bodwell Road. The embankment has been undermined by consistent fluvial erosion from the Cohas Brook, supplemented by unsuitable drainage techniques, leading to the problematic slope instability. Visual evidence of slope creep is provided by the guardrail leaning towards the brook, along with previously eroded surface materials facilitates the necessity for this infrastructure project. The City of Manchester has commissioned Team 9 to design a roadway hazard mitigation plan that will protect critical infrastructure, safeguard the public and prevent the loss of property. The team has considered various design alternatives, advancing with the most effective green and the most effect grey solution for the deteriorating streambank. By way of measured consideration, a riprap or FES design is proposed for reconditioning the embankment. DOT approved steel guardrails, bituminous curbing for proper drainage, and stream barbs for flow deflection are also proposed additionally to be implemented in conjunction with slope stabilization techniques. In cooperation with one another these modern solutions will stabilize the slope keeping feasibility, cost effectiveness and future sustainability at the forefront.


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Ben Higgins
Connor Littlefield
Kyle Hamel
Nicholas Buonanno

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