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Team 4 spent their Senior Capstone Project converting 2D AutoCAD files of a Bridge Puzzle, provided by the NHDOT, into a 3D model to be used as part of an educational package for students and professionals alike. The goal is for individuals to better their understanding of the components of a typical bridge. The original deliverable included a 3D printed model of the bridge however, due to circumstance an exploded virtual representation of the bridge was created. Prior to social distancing the north abutment and some of the bridge deck was 3D printed and assembled to create a half model of the bridge. Project Manager - Evan Gwynne Davies - Civil Engineering Edward Mahoney - Civil Engineering Brenna Heinley - Civil Engineering Nicholas Bouchard - Civil Engineering Faculty Advisor - Dr. Henry, UNH CEE Dept. Project Sponsor - Bill Saffian, NHDOT


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Edward Mahoney
Brenna Heinley
Evan Gwynne Davies
Nicholas Bouchard

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