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There is currently a large plan in place to develop the waterfront along the Merrimack River in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The proposed development introduces a 3-story parking garage with a rooftop athletic field and an attached multi-use building. This connected building will be a 60,000 square foot, 4-story multi-use building with office, retail, restaurant, and function space. The function space will be located on the top floor of the building and open onto a turf athletic field. This outdoor space overlooking the Merrimack River can be easily transformed to host a variety of events such as concerts and weddings. This site plan includes a parking garage that can hold 1,200 cars and a 60,000 square foot multi-use building. While the number of parking spaces provided surpasses the required number of parking spaces, these spaces may be used to hold cars during future development. A 360-foot-long by 160-foot-wide athletic field will be constructed on the roof of the parking garage with minimum of 12 feet on the sides of the field for concessions, people, and teams. A 4-story multi-use building will be constructed that will include office space, restaurants, retail space, and a function hall. The project team calculated the load on an interior parking garage column, obtained information regarding soil conditions and drainage and used this information to design the foundation under a parking garage column, and designed this column. Furthermore, the team produced a Revit model, an architectural rendering. Additionally, because this site lies within the flood plain, the team provided a way to provide compensatory storage during a 100-year food on the parcel. Finally, the project team also designed a transportation layout to minimize the traffic due to the expected increase in volume of vehicles.


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Griffin Curley
Michelle Thibault
Jamie Fitzpatrick
Jack Sargent
Jared Grondin
Oliver Roy

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