Algal Power: The Future of Energy


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Award: Honorable Mention


Alternative fuel sources have become a more common source of energy in recent years. One source of alternative energy can be generated from algae. The oil within algae contains tremendous energy potential. While it has high potential as a fuel source, it can be an expensive and complicated process to generate energy from algae. The goal of this project was to research and develop a practical and cost effective process for growing, harvesting, and processing algae at a small scale to provide enough energy for a two-person high efficiency dwelling. As a team of civil, environmental and mechanical engineers, the group started by focusing on the growth of algae on a small scale and the design of a growth raceway to promote a large accumulation of algal potential energy. Research was conducted throughout the project’s entirety on methods for flocculation, harvesting, and processing the algae’s energy. The project was started from the ground up and aims to provide future UNH research with a foundation based on experimental research and project development.


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Cal Govoni
Brayden Reichenbach
Clara Miller
Alexa Trautz
Sean Hopkins
Jastine Tendi
Daniel Qua

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