Keene's Robert J. Prowse Bridge Rehabilitation

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In September of 2019, a team of undergraduate students from the University of New Hampshire paired with the City of Keene to work on the rehabilitation and transportation of the Robert J. Prowse Memorial Bridge from Londonderry to Keene, NH. The proposed bridge will connect the Cheshire Trail Rail over Route 101 and will provide safe transport for pedestrians over the busy roadway. The Prowse Bridge faced demolition after its removal over I-93 in Londonderry, NH during a highway widening, but due to the bridge’s historic significance for being the first continuously welded steel frame bridge in the United States, a plan to utilize this bridge, while keeping the original integrity of the design, became a priority.


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Jordan Brock
Kelsey Glidden
Joe Giammichele
Chloe Loukes
Melanie Martell
Jake Woodard

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