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The Town of Whitefield New Hampshire is investigating alternative designs for a new transfer station. The current transfer station has several inefficiencies the town seeks to address by retrofitting a vacant building, Brown Street Furniture. Retrofitting the structure involves demolishing the unusable portion of the building, while preserving the newer portion. Team 18 provided two alternative designs, ultimately deciding the bi-lane facility is the best option, which provides the best opportunity for Whitefield to pursue Zero-waste. The larger facility will provide the opportunity to pool recyclable waste from surrounding towns, alleviate flow congestion and create an efficient work environment for the operators(s). Team 18 also researched alternative recyclable markets for Whitefield’s waste, determining the material broker NRRA was the best choice in their region, given the volume of waste that Whitefield generates. Team 18 made a pamphlet for the residents of Whitefield and recommends providing educational classes on recycling to involve the community and teach the importance of sorting and the benefits. Currently the town does not have a strict recycling policy, it is recommended that they try to enforce recycling the best that they can to reach the goal of 75% total trash by weight diverted to recycling instead of landfills.


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Arkar Soe Moe
Shudong Hua
Tyler Taggett
Mikayla Nguyen
Keaton Peterson

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