Project MANTA RAY: Autonomous Surface Vehicle


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The Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) is a subteam of the larger project MANTA RAY: Marine And Naval Technological Advancements for Robotic Autonomy. The project’s goal is to create a modular network of marine robots for missions such as seabed mapping or underwater surveying and inspection. Within this mission is an emphasis on the development of autonomous behavior and underwater perception and communication. The purpose of the ASV is to autonomously navigate a given path for seafloor mapping, as well as deploy and retract the Unpiloted Underwater Vehicle (UUV), another vehicle within MANTA RAY used for underwater observation. The ASV subteam’s objectives this year were to update the mechanical systems used for UUV deployment and recovery, and to develop an algorithm to autonomously activate these systems based on location data from the GPS.


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Andrew Weeks
Patrick McKinnon
William Seguin
Jessica Barker
Matthew Radzelovage
Jenna Ehnot

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