3D Printed Remote Control Car Powered by Sensors and Micro Controllers


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Remote controlled cars, also known as RC cars are a lot of fun, and they are a beginner engineering challenge that is very informative and eye-opening. The purpose of this project was to make our own Arduino powered electric RC car with sensors and 3D printed parts. We almost completed our goal, but due to supply chain back up and parts not shipping in time, we could only complete the circuitry and not the whole car. Our plans for the future include completing the whole car and making it run effectively while connected to the receiver transmitter. This project was a good step to help our group learn about Arduino boards and the circuitry behind a RC car, and we enjoyed our time while working on this project during this semester.


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Zach Bialous
Abby Pierce
Tatum Vansicklen
Jackson Weber
Adam Elsner

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