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As the internet grows and becomes more complex, the need for a vulnerability scanner becomes more apparent. New security vulnerabilities become known every single day, and the source of these vulnerabilities can be hard to track without the proper tools. Our primary goal is to correctly assess all types of vulnerabilities through the various packages and operating systems that are installed throughout the CS department’s computer clusters. This tool has the capability to evaluate severity levels and display them to the end user, as well as sending out email alerts when particularly dangerous vulnerabilities make themselves known. Our monitoring tool has the ability to automatically scan the system’s OS information and packages via Ansible, a configuration management tool. We can cross-reference the OS and package data we gained from Ansible with the list of vulnerabilities found in the NIST database. If any matches are present, these vulnerabilities will be visible to the user. We utilized NIST’s numerical severity evaluations in our front-end, showing color-coded vulnerabilities based on severity, as well as trigger-based emails. As a result, the end user, which in most cases will be an IT administrator, will be able to easily monitor the UNH CS clusters for vulnerabilities.


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Joey Pilotte
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