Narragansett Bay Campus (NBC) Pier Reconstruction


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The University of Rhode Island has purchased a new 200-foot-long research vessel, the “Resolution”, which is set to replace their outdated research vessel, the “Endeavor”. The Endeavor was moored by a timber pile pier subject to erosion and submergence by the marine environment. A new pier needed development on the Narragansett Bay to accommodate the Resolution’s increase in size, to ensure pier serviceability in the marine environment, and to facilitate research for the University of Rhode Island. In reference to local codes and with the utilization of marine engineering procedure, the Narragansett Bay Campus (NBC) team at the University of New Hampshire successfully designed a pier with materials that support longevity against marine impacts and structural orientation that will sustain against powerful forces. The team supplemented the pier with research elements, such as a JIB crane and a capable water research station, to ensure that the NBC pier will remain an effective research element to the University of Rhode Island for years to come.


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Sean Van Scoy
Chris Piekarski
Dan Bukunt
Haley Brown
Michael Libby

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