Newmarket Waterfront Improvement Project


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This year the Newmarket Waterfront Improvement Project has focused on implementing a pedestrian bridge to connect the urbanized waterfront to Heron Point Sanctuary. This was done to increase recreational value and significantly reduce the time required to reach Heron Point Sanctuary. The design team has evaluated three different alternatives based on composition, materials, and geometry (ADA requirements and boat clearance), and chosen a preferred alternative which was refined in the spring semester. Our chosen final design includes four main components: the superstructure, ramp, abutment, and pier which are highlighted in our presentation. The final result is an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and reliable pedestrian bridge that will serve a thriving community for years to come.


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Nick Walsh
Jaime Murphy
Nathan Clegg
Tyren Hartford

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Conference URC
Event Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE)
Department Civil and Environmental Engineering (ISE)
Group Design
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