U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon


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Our team, The Green Standard, chose to compete in the 2022 Solar Decathlon Design competition. This is an international competition sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE), where collegiate teams are tasked with designing a net-zero building. A net-zero building is one where the energy generated onsite is equal to or greater than the energy consumption of the building within the course of a year. There are two main divisions in which teams may choose to compete, residential or commercial. There are also several subdivisions for each of these main divisions. Our team chose to compete in the Residential, New Housing division, where we were to design a new building containing up to two single-family dwelling spaces. The focus of our design was to create a home capable of satisfying a homesteading lifestyle while maintaining a smaller footprint and a design that would fit well in an urban setting. We also strived to design the building to be fully accessible and meet ADA standards.


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Ben Guertin
Cole Gorham
Elizabeth Gunn
Nathan Raffa
Miles Libby
Wilder Byrne
Will Baldwin
Jacob Roberts

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