Bridge Replacement & Traffic Control Plan - Lee, NH


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Student Team 14 was paired with McFarland Johnson Inc. to evaluate alternatives and provide a preliminary bridge design replacement and traffic control plan for an existing culvert. The existing structure is a corrugated metal pipe (CMP) constructed in 1972. After more than 40 years in service the CMP has severe invert section loss and heavy rusting and pitting within the lower portion of the pipe. Due to the pipe being hydraulically undersized, the river floods onto a nearby road during high water events. The CMP has been on the NH State Red List since August 2014. The groups' objective was to evaluate potential traffic control and bridge alternatives for the location. After a recommendation was made, a preliminary design was achieved for the proposed structure. Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) was utilized for the bridge replacement because the structure is on a highly trafficked tier 2 roadway. Safety, cost, and construction duration was prioritized for the proposed replacement. The groups' preliminary design of the selected alternatives is portrayed within the poster.


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Payton Surprenant
Tess Priest
Jack Meade
Sierra Dahl
Nick Munroe

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