SwapServer: Revolutionizing Food Donation Coordination for Local Communities


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Swapserver, a food donation CRM platform, improves food donation processes by connecting surplus food providers with local food banks. Traditional methods of food donation encounter several challenges including inefficiencies in distribution and difficulty in coordinating large quantities of donations. Swapserver addresses these challenges through a user-friendly web interface that facilitates exchange of surplus food to local food banks. Swapserver streamlines the donation process by providing a centralized platform where food receivers can view information about available food, including quantity, type, and expiration date. Food banks can then browse available donations and request items that meet their specific needs. Furthermore, Swapserver enhances transparency and accountability by enabling real-time communication between food providers and food banks, fostering trust and collaboration within the community. By leveraging web technology to optimize food distribution, Swapserver empowers organizations to maximize the impact of their donations, reduce food waste, and support those in need more effectively.


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Issac Stevens
Dilan Patel
Sarah Overhulser
Ronan Marino

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