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In the last couple of decades, countless uninformed debates have spread misinformation across different platforms, especially the internet. Debates sometimes turn into chaos when debaters interrupt each other, making the debate less informative. Our group, alongside our project sponsor, aims to solve this issue by creating an informed debate app where people can debate different topics with other users. We have developed the app using Google’s Flutter framework alongside Azure for database storage. Our app provides a variety of features including citation imports, text messaging, audio messaging, and video messaging. The debates run on scheduled timers, with each debater having three. The research timer runs when a debater is conducting research. The limbo timer runs when a debater is not on the app while the floor timer runs when a debater is currently making arguments or rebuttals. When a debate finishes, the output will be a video product showing opening statements, closing statements, arguments, and rebuttals. These videos can then be shared with other users or posted on other forms of media. With our simple, easy-to-use and accessible application, we hope that our product can be a place where many different users can have informed recreational or professional debates.


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Rowland Ruto
Samuel Palumbo
Tian Guo
Cristian Colon

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