Wireless Inexpensive Bathymetric Logger (WIBL) Cloud Frontend Integration


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The Wireless Inexpensive Bathymetry Logger (WIBL) is part of the UNH CCOM’s contribution to Seabed 2030, a collaborative effort to help map the ocean floor to modern standards by 2030. WIBL provides a cost-effective solution for the collection, processing, and archiving of seafloor data. The goal of this capstone is to provide a user-friendly web interface over a pre-existing AWS cloud infrastructure to increase the quality of life of this project, using a simplistic web framework “Flask”, written in Python, we can intercept internet requests and manipulate the data stored on an SQLITE database. Prior implementation of data upload involves manual input on a command line, a time-consuming operation prone to human error. The MOV of the interface aims to slash time taken to handle files by at least 10%. Functionality of this interface includes: the uploading of data generated by a logging device into cloud infrastructure; managing data processed in the cloud, and subsequent retrieval of visual artifacts generated from collected data after required processing. It also provides a dashboard of higher level statistics of the input data.


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Timofei Nikshych
Christopher Sullivan
Cole Glennon
Thomas Ackerly

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