Albacore 2.0: A Virtual Experience


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The Albacore Museum is a park that hosts the once active USS Albacore submarine. The park offers a tour inside of the submarine that certain people can’t experience. Many people who are elderly, claustrophobic or injured won’t be able to take the tour due to the submarine’s inaccessible nature. The goal of this project is to create a playable virtual reality tour of the submarine using a VR headset so that all individuals can experience the submarine in their own comfort zone. This will become its own attraction at the museum in specific VR stations. The submarine contains lots of details that would be accounted for such as machinery, sleeping quarters, and the layout of the submarine itself. Vital components include easy movement and labels for gauges so info is quickly readable. Various objects like switches and wheels are user interactable and can be found in rooms which are built with extra space to explore and move in. The submarine experience is now much farther along with many core systems fully functional and ready to be built upon. The working demo that users can participate in at the park involves 4 rooms and all the functional systems. The feedback survey from this playable demo is the main measurable aspect, with a goal of an 8 out of 10 on overall satisfaction.


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Luis Morel
Benicio Liu
Eben Young
Peter Grieve

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