Twin State Railroad Rails-to-Trails Project


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The section of the Twin State Railroad that this project focuses on is located in Dalton and Whitefield in northern New Hampshire. This railroad has been out of service since 1999, and much of the railway has deteriorated over time due to years of neglect. The rail corridor has become overgrown with trees and shrubs and some sections of the railbed have been washed out by rising river waters and floods due to beavers clogging culverts. This has left the railway unsafe and unusable for pedestrians. The goal of this project is to convert the current railroad into a four-season recreation trail. Transforming the railway into a trail will greatly help the economy of northern NH, as this section of the railway is a key link in New England’s rail trail network. The renovation of this trail will also help connect the Twin State Rail Trail network between New Hampshire and Vermont during future projects. The team has been tasked with providing site renovation services to the Twin State Railroad Working Group, including the Rails-to-Trails Conservatory and the towns of Whitefield and Dalton, NH. Services provided by the team have included visiting the site, acquiring field data, developing designs to repair the major areas of concern along the railway, identifying the permits required to complete this project, creating maps of the existing area, identifying construction access points, creating cost estimates for the repairs, and identifying sources of funding for the project.


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Patrick Gunter
Evan Proulx
Nicholas Querrazzi
Jeremy Larkin
Margaret Danehy

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