Project MANTA RAY: Ghost Unpiloted Performance Platform Submersible


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The Ghost Unpiloted Performance Platform System (GUPPS) is a subteam of the larger project MANTA RAY: Marine And Naval Technological Advancements for Robotic Autonomy. The project’s goal is to create a modular network of marine robots for missions such as seabed mapping or underwater surveying and inspection. Within this mission is an emphasis on the development of autonomous behavior and underwater perception and communication. As a new addition to the MANTA RAY project, the mission of the GUPPS subteam was to design and manufacture a biomimetic robotic fish. Built to resemble a steelhead trout, GUPPS is intended to be used as a nonintrusive habitat observer at AquaFort, a UNH aquaculture enclosure. In addition to this, GUPPS will be used to prototype and test methods of wireless underwater communication being investigated by MANTA RAY.


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Heather Nelson
Shelly Lancaster
Gavin Cherella
Amanda Enderson
Will Conner
Caroline Russell

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