Subsurface Gravel Wetland


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This project was set forth by the City of Laconia to design a stormwater treatment system, beside the Union Avenue and Stark Street junction, to reduce the amount of contaminants entering Paugus Bay. The current stormwater runoff flows into catch basins and into the bay without treatment. This is a concern as Paugus Bay flows into the City of Laconia’s source of drinking water. The subsurface gravel wetland is designed to remove sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons. It maintains efficiency in cold climates and the vegetation makes the system visually appealing. The design also incorporates ease of access for maintenance while fitting into the footprint constrained by local businesses, Union Avenue, and Paugus Bay.


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Sian Davis
Victoria Kapantais
Xander Oram
Kenny Chen

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