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NextStep HealthTech is a company looking to assist the population in creating healthy mental and physical habits. We are working primarily with the NextStep GoodLife application and its usage metrics, which is targeted to youth, ages 12+. The purpose of the app is to create a sense of well-being among the users and to provide an outlet for them to learn sustainable wellness practices. In collaboration with NextStep, the goal of our project is to provide them with a “risk-score” algorithm to determine an individual’s likelihood of developing mental and physical health issues. Additionally, we are providing the company with data analytics and visualizations for their future use. We have been working in Python, using common data science and analytics libraries to create visualizations and draw meaningful conclusions about the data. These results have led us to infer that there are specific aspects of a child’s upbringing that can affect their mental health in the future. The company will be able to apply this algorithm and data analysis to the existing features in the app to enhance them or create new features. We believe our project will lead to a better-performing application, which will, in turn, benefit the users and assist them in living healthier lives.


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Gersi Doko
Tobey DiMambro
Kendall Hixon
Ashley Roy

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