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SPAITR developed the Neuro, a circuit board that is inserted into the bottom of a lacrosse stick to track motion data. This data is broadcast to a mobile app where players and coaches can see the intricate details of their practice sessions and gameplay such as the speed of their shot, the angle of release, release time, and the number of repetitions that were completed during a play session. The goal of this project is to isolate, identify, and analyze parallel waveforms obtained by the Neuro, through a multitude of proprietary machine learning, regression, and statistical approaches. Our methods were successfully able to isolate shots with 97.5% accuracy, shot speeds within 7.5 mph, and angle of release within 10 degrees. Once analyzed the results are passed onward to our application where users can view growth, distinct play statistics, track injury recovery rates, access a social platform which allows players to share their improvements, participate in leader-boards, and interact with their teammates.


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Nicholas Bridges
Alex Valhos
Joey Neleber
Jacob Easterling

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