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The University of New Hampshire Precision Racing Team is a competition-based mechanical engineering senior project for students with interest in automotive engineering. The goal of the 2021-2022 team is to design, build, and test an open-wheel formula style racecar to compete in the Society of Automotive Engineer’s international May competition at the Michigan International Speedway. The team will compete against 150 of the highest caliber colleges and universities from all around the globe to determine what school can build the best racecar for the weekend warrior through static and dynamic events. Entering a new year, the team is split into six subgroups: Powertrain, Aerodynamics, Suspension, Frame, Electrical, and Controls. Over the fall semester the team worked hard to design the frame, suspension geometry, control systems, and powertrain components as well as outreaching to sponsors to garner support and the resources to be able to manufacture the vehicle. Over the course of the winter and spring the team has worked hard to manufacture and integrate the new designs from the fall semester using skills such as: TIG welding, CNC milling, CNC lathing, and water jetting. As the vehicle is nearing completion the team will get the engine tuned and begin to preform dynamic tests. The testing will focus on vehicle performance, ride frequency verification, torsional rigidity, component compliance, wheel torque, braking power, and vehicle control.


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Edward McLellan
Jaret Armstrong
Anthony Ferraro
Robbie Dowst
Jackson Perry
Greg Keeler
Jeffrey Leach
Brian Schwab

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