Merrimack Village District PFAS Treatment Design


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The purpose of this project was to develop a treatment method for Merrimack Village District Wells 4 and 5. In the Merrimack Village District (MVD), PFAS contamination was caused by Saint Gobain’s plastic manufacturing processes resulting in an aerial dispersion of these compounds. PFAS are man-made chemical compounds that do not degrade naturally in the environment. There are health concerns associated with PFAS because they can accumulate in our blood. Through research and consultation with the project sponsors from Underwood Engineers and environmental engineering advisor, our team developed a treatment facility capable of achieving the desired removal of the harmful compounds. This method involved a GAC removal system, with provisions for ion exchange. This possible addition of resin to the system was considered and integrated in our design.


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Colby Jacques
Brian Genet
Gabe Jaquith
Katie Pelletier

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