Lafayette Brook Bridge Rehabilitation


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The Lafayette Brook Bridge, constructed in 1932, is a 52-foot single-span concrete T-beam bridge. Since 2010, this bridge has been on the New Hampshire State Red List, indicating that the bridge was determined to be structurally deficient.  Our team will develop procedures in collaboration with Vanasse Hangen Brustlin's design team, referencing existing inspection reports and previous studies at this location, as well as standard agency requirements such as AASHTO bridge design, NH DOT, FEMA flood maps and regulations, etc. The goal of this project was to assess the bridge's superstructure and substructure for structural integrity, determining whether complete replacement or restoration was necessary to remove the bridge from the State Red List. We ultimately discovered that the substructure was in acceptable condition, however the superstructure revealed a plethora of structural deficiencies. Our recommended design consists of slight restoration of the existing substructure, and replacement of the entire superstructure including precast AASHTO box beams and cast-in-place decking to reduce construction time. A stone facade will also be placed on the bridge's exterior to replicate the historic presence of the existing bridge.


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Thomas Mierzwa
Michael Beaudoin
Chris Gouveia
Tyler Stanley

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