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Most physical games, indoor and outdoor, require two or more players to participate, and foosball is no exception. Inconsistent play can impede the enjoyment of casual players and the skill of dedicated players. Our Automated Foosball Goalie software begins to eliminate the need for a second player by creating an application that virtually simulates defensive maneuvers for one side of the table. The application uses OpenCV, an open-source computer vision library, to analyze recorded footage and gather information about the table and its moving parts. The software makes predictions based on that information and simulates commands to block any incoming shots that it detects. User-friendly features such as score tracking, difficulty settings, and pausing are included. This project, while purely software-based and only accepting pre-recorded footage, was designed to easily be adapted for an actual robotic foosball table and live video. While not included in this iteration of the project, our vision is an Arduino-controlled defensive line and a live camera that both connect to a computer over USB, allowing virtually any PC or laptop to interface with and operate the table.


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Zhouhai You
Adam Judge
Reid Leclerc
Cameron Scott

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