Roads of the Sea


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Maritime transport comprises over 80% of global trade, though generally not constrained to strict road networks, mariners tend to use frequented routes to ensure safety of passage. However, ships stray from these informal roads, leading to higher risks of grounding and collision, resulting in disruption in transport, loss of life, and environmental pollution. A system that could provide safe and efficient routes unique to ship characteristics and predict routes of nearby vessels could lessen these risks. In this work we utilized sample “roads of the sea”, derived by members of the University of the Aegean, to build a prototype route suggestion system. This system accesses a graph database hosted on a remote cloud platform to suggest optimal routes between start and end point coordinates. An additional front-end application provides access to the system’s services, letting users view and request routes based on ship constraints. Though connected, these components are loosely coupled, allowing for changes to the graph and permitting the system to function as an API to other applications. In the future, this project aims to develop a complimentary prediction system for analyzing nearby ship trajectories.


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Alexander Mercedes
Killian Cowan
Alesandra Bernardini

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