Testing Geospatial Technology Learning Tools in the Classroom for Inspiring the Learning of Environmental Science


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Research shows that a majority of students who complete a major in STEM related fields at the undergraduate college level make their choice to do so while still in high school. Since Geospatial Science (GSS) technologies have been shown to enhance interest towards STEM learning at the high school level, researchers at the University of New Hampshire have completed a new educational study to evaluate the research question: “How do GSS Technology learning tools compare to Traditional learning tools to promote knowledge and inspiration in STEM learning?” Eighty freshman and sophomore high school students from Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, NH participated in the study during a two-week period in October of 2019. Because of the proximity of the high school to the state’s largest salt marsh, this research included the instruction of Salt Marsh and Sea Level Rise Environmental Science topics.


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Barrett Rock
Gregg Moore
Shani Scarponi
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Michael Routhier

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