Title: It Takes All The Villagers: Authentic College Experiences For Youth With Idd (Unh-4u)


UNH-4U is an inclusive two-year Comprehensive Transition Program or (CTP) planned for the University of New Hampshire/Durham. Approved for launch Fall of 2020, UNH-4U will empower young people with intellectual disabilities to achieve life goals through improving academic and competitive employment outcomes. Focusing on authentic campus life experiences, UNH-4U will foster opportunities for social development, independent living and recreational endeavors. Like all students attending college, UNH-4U will utilize person-centered planning as a pathway toward meaningful careers and positive social endeavors for adulthood. UNH-4U will use scaffolded models of support, fidelity in reporting, promote student autonomy and develop independent living skills. Inclusive undergraduate courses, peer-supported services and a self-designed Certificate Program based on an individual’s career goals via 24 credit hours, will be offered.


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