Durham-Newmarket Recreation Trails Feasibility Study



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Durham and Newmarket are two neighboring towns in the seacoast Region of New Hampshire. Currently there is no connection for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel between the two towns despite town governments acknowledging that increased pedestrian infrastructure is desirable. This project investigates whether a safe, accessible, and scenic trail can be built to connect the two towns. Trail options are based on the current usability of the route and the potential of improving pedestrian infrastructure along the route. The most feasible route between the towns travels through West Foss Farm and Thompson Farm (properties owned by the University of New Hampshire) and connecting to Newmarket through Packers-Falls Road. This route would require work to make the route more accessible. Trails such as the Dover Community Trail can be an example how to create a useful pedestrian recreation trail.


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Ethan Snitker
Evan Shamim
Alessandro Caruccio
Matthew Bean

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