NH111 & NH151 Intersection Redesign Project



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This project is a collaboration between the University of New Hampshire Civil & Environmental Engineering Program and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. The NH111 & NH151 Intersection in North Hampton, NH is a dangerous and dysfunctional and is overdue to be redesigned. The goal of the project is to improve both traffic and pedestrian safety and access in the NH111-NH151 intersection. Throughout the project team 8 prioritized stakeholder input, speaking at town select board meetings to identify all the problems with this intersection, and collecting input on initial design ideas. An alternative analysis matrix designed by the group was used to weigh the best redesign option, and residents were given the opportunity to weigh their priorities when surveys were handed out in a town meeting and posted on the town website. The 6 categories that were looked at when determining the best possible alternative were cost, environmental impact, pedestrian/bicycle accommodation, historical site(s) preservation, safety, and traffic operation. After narrowing the redesign alternatives down to four different ideas, the matrix that was designed ranked changing the main intersection to a roundabout and changing the main intersection to a 3-way stop tied for best alternative. The group recommends reconstructing the NH111 & NH151 Intersection to be a roundabout, with NH111 East and NH151 North and South being the entry points. This also includes the removal of NH111 Eastward to simplify the intersection roundabout so that when exiting onto NH151 North drivers are not immediately faced with a fork in the road. Since NH111 East is being removed, NH111 West will be repaved to become a 2-way road. There is enough room in this design to pave sidewalks and include a bike lane on either side of the road. This design is also capable of adding more parking for North Hampton Bandstand events. This can be accomplished by excavating Centennial Hall Road, and paving over that area to combine the United Church of Christ and Centennial Hall’s parking lots to add up to 19 spots. This redesign concept increases pedestrian access, makes the intersections, safer, improves traffic flow, adds parking for the North Hampton Bandstand events, all while minimizing environmental impact and leaving historical sites untouched.


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