Tracking the impact of Food Banks Across New Hampshire


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Working at a food bank drive-through requires volunteers to be able to keep track of important information about donation pickups quickly, while also keeping up with the fast-paced environment. It can be hard to efficiently document this information while maintaining a tight schedule. Tracking the Impact of Food Banks Across New Hampshire aims to make this experience easier by providing a way to document all of the necessary information quickly, as well as organizing it in an easy-to-analyze format. The solution we found to tackle this problem is a database web application that focuses on speed and efficiency. The layout for this app is straightforward, with everything needed just a few clicks away. There is a UI for volunteers, that allows them to add data, and a UI for administrators, which allows them to view, sort, and manipulate the data. Administrators can also view a map that shows where each vehicle has traveled from, and export the data to Excel for easy analysis, allowing them to decide where new food banks would be most beneficial to the community. Our fully functional web application will allow admins to view, sort, and export the data in 5 clicks or less while providing a way for volunteers to enter donation details in under 30 seconds per pickup.


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