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PiRail is an automated railroad track inspection system, created for inspectors and hobbyists alike to evaluate tracks for potential defects while being able to analyze and collect data without the traditional, much more laborious method of having a person physically inspect each part of the track. The device is a collection of GPS and LIDAR sensors that mounts onto the railroad track, and goes the entire length of the track collecting data. This project focuses on using the LIDAR data collected by the PiRail device and to automatically identify potential hazards on the tracks. There is a pre-established web server that showcases the data after it has been put through our data visualizer. Our primary goal of the whole project is to expedite track inspection by automation using LIDAR and image analysis, as well as promote student research and innovation, especially in an antiquated industry like the railroad is and it will help bring in a new generation of students.


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Will Morong
Theo DiMambro
Jay Bazenas

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