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The UNH CS department requires a VPN for students who need access to services while off campus. This means that a user should have similar privileges as when they are on campus. Our VPN will provide students and staff with this connection. Scott Kitterman is the driving force behind this project. The sponsor started to create a VPN with another group, however, in its current state, it is unfinished. There are no monitoring features, meaning if a malicious person tries to break into the network through the VPN, admins would have no idea until it is too late. A monitoring system will be implemented that allows administrators to monitor all VPN activities. The software will also be able to detect these malicious connections and notify administrators as they happen. Getting an account currently on the VPN service is not ideal due to needing the administrators to manually create an account.We plan on creating a webpage that people can use to request access, so that there is less wait time to get access to the VPN. Deliverables that we promised are a dashboard for monitoring the VPN, a webpage, and automation of the account creation process. To test this we plan to have students use the site to test its ease of use. For the malicious attack we plan to use denial of service attacks.


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Jonathan Ross
Henry Nadeau
Trong Hoang
Tyler Brown
David Blodgett

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