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The Host, a legacy technology foundational to Ticketmaster's ticket sales, faces the challenge of managing changes in seat ownership, particularly the burden of "surrenders." A surrender is when a ticket changes possession. Fulfillment Surrender Processor (FSP) is a dedicated stream processor that will move ownership management off the Host and onto a new, modern system. FSP listens to a real-time stream of commands (e.g., surrender requests) and processes them. It filters and manipulates commands, then makes the corresponding call to Atlas, which updates the Host. FSP acts as a middleman, receiving input from "Fulfillment Consumer" and sending output to "Atlas" for official Host changes. If it were not for FSP, developers would have to directly interact with Atlas, which is complicated to use. Instead, they can dump their data into a stream and have the peace of mind that FSP will handle it. Modernizing the system reduces reliance on outdated technology, improves overall scope, and enhances reliability. By documenting our successes and challenges, we aim to pave the way for an easier transition when further modernization becomes necessary. The ultimate goal is to prolong the system's functionality and minimize the need for future interventions.


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