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The United States is currently facing a mental health crisis amongst young adults. Our goal at NextStep Health is to leverage technology to help assist those struggling with mental illness and to give strategies to help navigate through life’s struggles. We want to create accessible mental health resources readily available to those who need it. As part of our effort, we utilized OpenAI to provide a way to compile the knowledge of the internet into accessible, queryable data. When a user logins into the NextStepHealth app, there are daily check-ins that are prompted by the app and were implemented prior. These check-ins ask some questions as to how the user is doing that day, and depending on the current state of the user, it will prompt different solutions/suggestions for the user to take in order to try to feel better. We began optimizing this by implementing Artificial Intelligence generated dynamic mental health resources. Our product was completed by creating a Python script which queries OpenAI with a list of modules. We then take this API response, save the data to a database, and use our front-end to format and display this data in the form of modules. The goal we hope to achieve is to be able to create learning modules with automation to be utilized by the app users.


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