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The Programming Assistance Center (PAC) is a hub for students that are taking coding-based courses to receive help with their assignments by asking PAC consultants, who are students that have completed the courses supported by the PAC. Problems the PAC faces include that there is no way for consultants to help students in order, as well as that there’s very little data about what courses or assignments students are coming to the PAC for. In fact, the only form of record keeping is a sign on sheet that gets manually input to a spreadsheet weekly. Booster-PAC solves both of these problems, implemented as a full-stack web application, built on a microservice architecture. The frontend is split into two components, a Discord bot and a web application. The Discord bot acts as an interactable user interface that will process requests from students and consultants on Discord, an online communication platform. The web app acts as a dashboard for the PAC. The backend system is responsible for handling web requests, managing a queue of student questions, and tracking live PAC activity. All system activity will be logged to generate reports for the PAC director to determine the busiest times and difficult assignments common among students, working towards our end goal of improving the help available to students who come to the PAC for help.


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Sriyam Rimal
Lauren Kennelly
Jonathan Wang
Aidan Small
Justin Choquette

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