Program Evaluation of NH-ME ECHO SCOPE Project Year 2


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This study presents a program evaluation of the New Hampshire and Maine Extension for Community Health Outcomes: Supporting Children of the Opioid Epidemic (NH-ME ECHO SCOPE). Surveys were administered through RedCap across the program to 44 research participants in NH-ME ECHO SCOPE’s first three cohorts (total N = 134). Demographics Questionnaires and Post-ECHO SCOPE Session Evaluation Questionnaires were analyzed via descriptive statistics. Pre- and Post-ECHO SCOPE NAS Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Practices and Pre- and Post-ECHO SCOPE Opioid Knowledge Questionnaire mean scores were compared using paired samples t-tests. Surveys indicated high participant satisfaction with SCOPE content and structure. The NH-ME ECHO SCOPE program resulted in statistically significant changes for service providers (mostly early interventists), including increased NAS knowledge and skills, increased confidence in working with children with NAS and their families, and decreased biased attitudes surrounding children with NAS and their families. The data also showed a (non-significant) trend towards increased implementation of best practices.


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Shelley Mulligan
Grayson Leichtman

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